Scenes from My Weekend

18 Nov

San Francisco from Bernal Hill

View of San Francisco from the top of Bernal Hill. 

The past two and half days (if you count Friday night) hosted a plethora of welcomed weekend activities for me, with crafting, lounging, reading, dancing, and celebrating among them. Not all weekends can be so well-rounded, but this one was. It had a taste of everything. If you don’t mind me showing off a bit, here are a few pics to showcase the fun.

Bernal Hill

Celebrating one year in San Francisco at the top of the Bernal Summit on Friday night.

DIY letter banner

A preview of the DIY letter banner I made on Saturday. How-to specifics and photos of the final product to come this week. 

red shoes

Matching ladies night ensembles. 

book clun

Book club Sunday with treats and a large book to discuss. 

san francisco sunset

And to top the weekend off, this was last night’s sunset as seen from my sister’s apartment. 

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One Response to “Scenes from My Weekend”

  1. Jorie November 18, 2013 at 12:57 pm #

    Happy one year in San Francisco! Gorgeous sunset shot!

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